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Decisions couples should be prepared to decide during a divorce

Every couple in Ohio goes through struggles from time to time. Sometimes the couple is able to work through their struggles, but other times the struggles become too much to overcome. In those types of situations, the couple may decide to end the marriage and start divorce proceedings. The decision to divorce is oftentimes made based on the personal problems the couple is experiencing and many times couples are not really prepared for the divorce process or know what to expect.

The divorce generally starts with one party serving a summons and petition on the other party and filing it with the court. That starts the process and it will end with a final order. In between the start and end, couples must address very important and sometimes complicated issues. They will need to decide how to divide their assets and property. Couples also need to determine who will be responsible for marital debt. Spousal support may be an issue as well. Also, couples with minor children will need to make custody and parenting time decisions, as well as decisions regarding child support.

People may be able to deviate from the child support guidelines

Parents in Ohio are responsible for the children while they are growing up. This means that they must care and provide for their needs.

This is true whether parents are married, living together or separated. It is also true even if one parent does not see their children as much as the other parent.

How to know if collaborative divorce is the right option

There are many different circumstances and situations that people in Ohio must go through during their lives. Some of these situations and good and elicit happiness, while others difficult, sad or upsetting.

One of these more difficult situations that people may go through is a divorce. It is not easy separating one's life and starting a new one, especially after many years. It can be very emotional yet still involves having to make very important decisions, which is not easy.

Ohio spouses often cite these reasons for divorce

Whether you've been married for less than five years or have been with your spouse for decades, chances are, you've encountered challenges in your relationship. Like most married couples in Ohio, you likely find some problems easier to resolve than others. There are certain issues, however, that many spouses identify as the so-called straws that broke their camels' backs. Such issues often lead to divorce.

Do you consider some things as deal breakers for marriage? If so, you and your spouse hopefully discussed those topics before you got married, so as to be better able to avoid them. For instance, maybe you agreed that neither of you would ever spend more than $100 without first consulting the other. In addition to talking about potential problem issues before marriage, it's also a good idea to know where to seek support if problems arise years into your relationship.

How is marital debt divided in a divorce?

Throughout a marriage people in Ohio may acquire many different types and amounts of assets and property. These can include cars, homes, bank accounts, retirement accounts, collectables and many other assets.

Couples may also have debt that they have accumulated as well. This could be secured debt such as a mortgage or a car loan, but also includes credit card debt and other types of loans. Just like property must be divided, couples also must divide their debt as well.

Unwed fathers must establish paternity to seek custody

There are many different family makeups in Ohio. Many couples are married when they have children, but this is not always the situation, and many couples who are not married have children together.

Fathers' legal rights to their children are different if the couple is not married when they have the child. The law recognizes the mother's legal rights immediately, but fathers must establish paternity prior to becoming the legal father.

Comedian Andy Richter files for divorce from his wife

Many people in Ohio may be familiar with comedian Andy Richter who has appeared in movies and has been on Conan O'Brien's late night show for many years.

People may not be aware that he has been married for 27 years, though, and now he and his wife are going through a divorce. The couple separated a few months ago, but recently Richter officially filed for divorce.

How long is a parent required to pay child support?

Parents in Ohio have a lot of responsibility, and raising children is not always easy. There are many aspects of their lives that they need to make decisions about, and disciplining and raising children can also be expensive.

Parents have a duty to provide for their children, which means they need to provide shelter, food, clothes, pay for medical needs, school costs, extracurricular activities and many other costs. Even if the parents divorce, both parents need to contribute towards providing for their children.

When Ohio parents divorce, kids often face these issues

Divorce doesn't necessarily have to ruin your children's lives. While things in your marriage might not have worked out as you'd hoped, filing for divorce in an Ohio court doesn't mean you wish to abdicate your parental obligations or responsibilities or that you love your children any less. That said, you're also not naive and you understand that your decision to divorce will definitely have an impact, not only on the physical logistics of your kids' lives but their emotional well-being as well.

Every child processes his or her parents' divorce in a unique way although children can often relate to one another. By setting up a strong support network from the start, you can let your kids know you will be there to provide encouragement and assistance as needed. It's always a good idea to closely monitor your children's conditions as they come to terms with divorce and learn to move on in life.

Differences between mediation and collaborative divorce

There are many difficult parts of a divorce in Ohio. Ending a marriage that both parties may have invested a lot of time and emotion in is difficult. Also, determining when a parent will see their children is never easy. It can also be costly as well.

People are splitting their incomes, homes and all of the costs associated with those. Then there is also the cost of the divorce process itself. Litigation can involve many court appearances, which also means additional attorney's fees and other costs.

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