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Comedian Andy Richter files for divorce from his wife

Many people in Ohio may be familiar with comedian Andy Richter who has appeared in movies and has been on Conan O'Brien's late night show for many years.

People may not be aware that he has been married for 27 years, though, and now he and his wife are going through a divorce. The couple separated a few months ago, but recently Richter officially filed for divorce.

How long is a parent required to pay child support?

Parents in Ohio have a lot of responsibility, and raising children is not always easy. There are many aspects of their lives that they need to make decisions about, and disciplining and raising children can also be expensive.

Parents have a duty to provide for their children, which means they need to provide shelter, food, clothes, pay for medical needs, school costs, extracurricular activities and many other costs. Even if the parents divorce, both parents need to contribute towards providing for their children.

When Ohio parents divorce, kids often face these issues

Divorce doesn't necessarily have to ruin your children's lives. While things in your marriage might not have worked out as you'd hoped, filing for divorce in an Ohio court doesn't mean you wish to abdicate your parental obligations or responsibilities or that you love your children any less. That said, you're also not naive and you understand that your decision to divorce will definitely have an impact, not only on the physical logistics of your kids' lives but their emotional well-being as well.

Every child processes his or her parents' divorce in a unique way although children can often relate to one another. By setting up a strong support network from the start, you can let your kids know you will be there to provide encouragement and assistance as needed. It's always a good idea to closely monitor your children's conditions as they come to terms with divorce and learn to move on in life.

Differences between mediation and collaborative divorce

There are many difficult parts of a divorce in Ohio. Ending a marriage that both parties may have invested a lot of time and emotion in is difficult. Also, determining when a parent will see their children is never easy. It can also be costly as well.

People are splitting their incomes, homes and all of the costs associated with those. Then there is also the cost of the divorce process itself. Litigation can involve many court appearances, which also means additional attorney's fees and other costs.

Factors used to determine the value of a home in a divorce

Marriages in Ohio vary in length, the number of children couples have together, the amount of assets they own together and other differences as well. However, no matter the differences in the marriages if the couple divorces, they will have to split the life they shared together into two separate lives.

This includes determining child custody, visitation, child support and property division of the assets and debts that the couple acquired or incurred during the marriage.

How family evaluations are used in determining child custody

It is not easy to raise children in Ohio, and parents must make many difficult decisions for their children in addition to the day to day decisions. When parents are together, one parent may be responsible for more of the decisions or both parents may be equally involved in all decisions. This is a dynamic that is determined between the two parents.

However, if the parents divorce, who makes those decisions and determinations regarding visitation are determined through child custody issues.

Basic process for starting a divorce in Ohio

There are many different reasons that people in Ohio decide to end their marriage. It could be financial reasons, infidelity, abuse, drug or alcohol addictions, the couple simply falls out of love and many other reasons.

When couples make the decision to file for divorce, there is a process to becoming legally divorced and an order needs to be issued officially terminating the marriage. This process begins with determining whether the couple meets the requirements for starting a divorce.

Are you parenting in Ohio while your ex is in another state?

Divorce is never easy, and when you have kids, it can be even more challenging. That doesn't necessarily mean you're ruining your children's lives or that achieving an amicable co-parenting plan is impossible. If you're trying to make a long-distance co-parenting plan work, you might really have your work cut out, but as long as you're both willing to work as a team, it can be doable.

It's always a good idea to craft a solid co-parenting plan in writing and to seek the court's approval. When a family law judge issues a court order, it helps avoid conflict because the judge clearly states the terms, and you and your ex both sign documents showing that you're in agreement. Still, living far apart can spark many unique challenges in a post-divorce parenting relationship.

What is included as gross income for child support?

There are many different costs that people in Ohio have and must pay in order to live the lifestyles they are accustomed to living. In order to pay for these costs, people must have income or some source of money. These sources of income could be through a job or other work that the person performs, but it can also come from many other sources. Some of these sources are taxable and some are not, but all of the money received can be used to meet monthly obligations.

For parents much of the money they receive goes towards paying for their children's needs. These basic needs include food, clothing and shelter, but there are other expenses as well. Paying for these expenses while parents are married can be much less complicated, but if the couple divorces, ensuring that both parents are contributing to the children's needs becomes a little more complicated. So, generally there are child support orders that order one parent to pay the other child support payments each month.

Getting through the collaborative divorce process

Many people in Ohio will go through a divorce in their lives. Ending a marriage is not easy, but people have options and the couple does not necessarily need to go through litigation and fight each other on every issue.

One option that couples may have is the collaborative divorce process. The basic process is that the couple and their attorneys sign an agreement to not proceed to litigation and instead will work together to reach agreements for resolution of the divorce. Outside professionals, such as accountants, psychologists and others, may be brought in to provide information, but the parties will resolve the matter on their own.

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