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Horror stories about divorce abound. Whether the subject is the cost of the divorce process or the emotional challenges associated with filing for divorce, most people do not have a favorable outlook on the process.

Mediation allows couples to dissolve their marriage with less time, cost, and stress, providing a great alternative to traditional divorce for spouses who agree on terms for the divorce or want to remain amicable. At Laubacher & Co., we'll work with you to find the best path forward in your mediation.

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Understanding the Mediation Process in Ohio

Divorce mediation involves meeting with your spouse and a mediator, a neutral individual trained to help divorced couples agree on difficult issues. The mediator does not make the final decisions – it is up to you and your spouse to decide agreeable terms. The benefit of mediation is the role that the mediator plays in decision-making.

Key Advantages of Choosing Mediation

Going through mediation should allow you to reach agreements on all the issues that the state of Ohio will require decisions on, like division of property, the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, and the amount and duration of spousal support and the amount of child support payments.

When you have these things decided and acceptable, you can file for an uncontested divorce or dissolution, which is faster and less expensive than divorce. .

Consult a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney in Cleveland

Divorce is complicated. It is always advisable to meet with a divorce attorney before mediation and after mediation before filing your documents. Your attorney will have your best interests in mind and will be able to help you determine what terms you should seek in mediation. After mediation, your attorney can go over your agreements and verify that they are fair and in your best interest. He or she can also help you file and complete the divorce process.

Prepare for Mediation with a Clear Agenda

Work with your attorney to create a list of what you want to talk about and what you want to get out of the process. Talking about divorce issues can be emotional, and it is easy to get sidetracked even when you are working with a mediator. Your list will keep you focused and make sure you cover everything important to you.

Selecting the Right Mediator for Your Case

You want to work with someone you can trust. You can speak to your attorney and people you know to see if there are any mediators that they recommend. Interview a few mediators and ask them about their certifications, their experience, and if they have any recent references.

Commit to the Mediation for Best Outcomes

Mediation only works if both sides are committed to reaching equitable solutions. You cannot control your spouse, but you can make sure you go into mediation with every intention of success.

Cost-Effectiveness of Mediation in Cleveland

Although there is some expense to hiring a mediator, doing so can often save you money in the long run. The cost of a few mediation sessions is far less than the price of a protracted court battle. Depending on your situation, mediation may be the most financially prudent option.

Exploring Alternatives to Mediation in Ohio

For couples committed to working towards an amicable divorce even though they may not agree to all the terms at the outset, a collaborative divorce may be a great option. Both parties must pledge to enter negotiations openly and honestly. Neither party may threaten the other with the court and must come to the table with good faith efforts to negotiate.

A collaborative divorce attorney represents each spouse. Each party meets with his/her attorney privately and in joint meetings with all parties. In the joint meetings, the parties will resolve disagreements to arrive at terms that both parties are satisfied with. All parties must agree to resolve their issues without litigations. If negotiations break down, the collaborative divorce lawyers will not represent the spouses in court.

At Laubacher & Co., our family law attorneys in Cleveland will work with you to ensure your rights and best interests are represented and defended throughout the mediation process.

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