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Same-sex individuals often face unique challenges when attempting to navigate family law cases. For example, same-sex couples could not get legally married in all states until the 2015 legalization of gay marriage by the US Supreme Court in the landmark decision Obergefell v. Hodges.

At Laubacher & Co., we are familiar with the challenges same-sex couples face when attempting to legalize their unions or pursuing other family law processes, such as adopting a child. We'll help you work towards an ideal outcome in your legal dispute.

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Is Gay Marriage Legal in Ohio?

While a constitutional amendment and a state law passed in 2004 previously banned same-sex marriages in Ohio, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 26, 2015, that all 50 states must both: (i) issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and (ii) fully recognize same-sex marriages entered into in other states.

Ohio has recognized same-sex marriages from other states for limited purposes since a federal court ruling in 2013. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that all states must provide equal treatment to same-sex couples, gay and lesbian couples married in other states will have their marriages fully recognized in Ohio.

Does Ohio Recognize Same-Sex Civil Unions from the Other States?

No. Ohio does not recognize same-sex civil unions. However, gay and lesbian couples in civil unions now can marry in Ohio or marry in another state and have their marriage recognized by Ohio.

What Are Some of the Differences Same-Sex Marriages Experience Post-Obergefell?

The Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell has several important implications for same-sex couples in Ohio. For example:

  • Previously, same-sex couples in Ohio could file joint federal tax returns but were required to separately file their state taxes. Now, married same-sex partners can file joint state tax returns as well.
  • Through marriage, same-sex partners in Ohio can now avoid severe tax consequences for property transfers upon death.
  • Gay and lesbian partners who wed can also benefit from state gift tax exemptions that apply to married couples.
  • Hospitals can no longer deny visitation privileges to same-sex spouses.
  • Employers with fully-insured medical plans can no longer deny benefits to married same-sex couples based upon religious objections.

Why Else Would I Need a Same-Sex Family Lawyer?

In addition to marriage, same-sex couples and individuals can unfortunately face many issues while navigating family law cases. For example, in foreign adoption cases, some countries may not allow a same-sex couple to adopt. In other situations, a same-sex couple or individual may believe they are being discriminated against by a court or legal representation.

At Laubacher & Co., we're familiar with same-sex family law cases, and can help you find an optimal outcome in yours.

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