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Getting Divorced in Ohio: Top Stories of 2016

Each year, the attorneys at Laubacher & Co. publish a wealth of information on our blog, covering broad range of trends and topics that are relevant to Ohio residents contemplating divorce. Here is a recap of our attorneys’ top 10 articles from 2016:

Top Ohio Divorce Stories of 2016

1. Divorce and Dissolution: What’s the Difference?

In Ohio, spouses seeking to end their marriage have two options: They can file for divorce; or, they can file for dissolution. What is the difference, and which option should you choose? Learn about some key early considerations in:

In Ohio, Should I File for a Divorce or Dissolution?

2. Protecting Important Possessions in an Ohio Divorce

Under Ohio law, a couple’s marital assets are subject to “equitable division” during the divorce process. So, if you want to make sure you keep certain possessions after your divorce, what can you do? We outlined three possible alternatives for protecting individual assets in:

What If I Want to Keep Certain Assets After My Divorce?

3. Protecting Your Business in an Ohio Divorce

For business owners and private practitioners, ensuring independence post-divorce is usually a top priority. You can find six key questions and links to additional resources on protecting your business during your divorce in:

What Happens to a Family Business in an Ohio Divorce?

4. Uncovering Hidden Assets and Income

Unfortunately, while divorcing spouses have a legal obligation to disclose pertinent financial information during the divorce process, some will go to great lengths to try to hide assets and income during their divorce. Learn about ways to uncover hidden income and assets in our two-part series:

5. Ohio Child Support Calculator

In Ohio, there are statutory formulas that divorcing spouses must use to calculate child support. Earlier this year, we launched an Ohio Child Support Calculator that uses these formulas to help spouses estimate what they will receive (or pay) in child support after their divorce. Learn how to use our free child support calculator in:

How is Child Support Calculated in Ohio?

6. Important Considerations Regarding Child Custody

Along with child support, child custody is understandably among parents’ top concerns when going through a divorce. There are numerous factors that impact the Ohio courts’ decisions regarding child support, and we examine one of these factors in:

Does it Matter Where My Children Want to Live?

7. Understanding the Collaborative Divorce Process

For many divorcing couples, the collaborative process can be an effective tool for resolving their differences without resorting to litigation. You can find information on the benefits of the collaborative process and a collection of resources in:

Collaborative Divorce Resources: Ohio

8. Social Media and Your Divorce

Social media is becoming an increasingly important factor in the divorce process.

9. Adjusting to Life After a Divorce

While it is easy to get caught up in the divorce process, it is important not to lose sight of what lies ahead. If you are a parent preparing for a divorce in Ohio, we encourage you to read:

Ways to Connect with Your Children After a Divorce

10. Getting Started

Finally, if you are ready to file for divorce, the first step is to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced attorney. For more resources and a list of questions you might want to ask during your initial consultation, read:

Preparing for Your Divorce Consultation

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