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Summer Vacations and Child Custody

Plan Accordingly

Planning a summer vacation with your children can be difficult, especially if you have a child custody order in place. It is vital to ensure that you follow the court-mandated rules and regulations when taking your children on trips. This blog will guide how to proceed with planning a vacation while adhering to the laws of Ohio regarding child custody orders.

Reviewing Custody Agreements

The first step to planning a vacation with your children is to ensure you have the appropriate authority to do so. If you have a parenting order in place, whether it is an interim order or otherwise, it is imperative that you refer to the terms of the order first. The agreement will likely state what restrictions exist regarding traveling with your child and whether or not you will need permission from the other parent. If the order details a procedure or process by which to schedule a vacation period with your child, then you should plan in accordance with the terms of that procedure. It is essential that you fully understand the potential consequences of not complying with a parenting order and/or its terms, as violating an order of the court may result in severe legal penalties.

If a conflict exists or you do not have any parenting order in place, you may desire to first attempt to resolve the matter amicably with the other parent or legal custodian of the child. You should attempt to discuss the issue at hand with the other parent or legal custodian of the child in good faith, while remaining civil and respectful of their thoughts and opinions. Ideally, an agreement can be reached quickly in the best interest of the child.

If you do not have a parenting order in place, you are actively involved in litigation with respect to the child, or you cannot reach an agreement with the other party, you may wish to speak with an attorney regarding the potential vacation period. Then, you can discuss the anticipated travel arrangements, travel plans, and options available to you that are specific to your case.

Regardless of whether a parenting order exists for a family or not, it is important to ensure both parents and/or legal custodians are aware of the travel arrangements of the child. Parents and/or legal custodians should have knowledge of the location of the child and how they can be reached. Transparency is key.

Additional Considerations

In addition to understanding and adhering to a parenting agreement, there are a few additional considerations when planning a summer vacation with your child. Parents need to make sure that they have all appropriate forms of identification for each child and must be aware of any visa or passport requirements for international travel. Also, special accommodations may need to be made for any medical needs or conditions the child may have. Finally, parents may wish to check with their airline before booking flight tickets, as some airlines have different policies regarding traveling with minors and/or infants.

Work With a Child Custody Attorney

When planning a summer vacation with your child, it is crucial to ensure that you comply with the parenting order in place. Consulting with an experienced child custody attorney can help better understand the specifics of your situation, how to best protect yourself from future litigation, and the potential consequences which may result from your actions. A qualified family law attorney can provide advice as to how to proceed with vacation plans and assist with any legal matters that arise.

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