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Ohio Spouses Often Cite These Reasons For Divorce

Whether you’ve been married for less than five years or have been with your spouse for decades, chances are, you’ve encountered challenges in your relationship. Like most married couples in Ohio, you likely find some problems easier to resolve than others. There are certain issues, however, that many spouses identify as the so-called straws that broke their camels’ backs. Such issues often lead to divorce.

Do you consider some things as deal-breakers for marriage? If so, you and your spouse hopefully discussed those topics before you got married, so as to be better able to avoid them. For instance, maybe you agreed that neither of you would ever spend more than $100 without first consulting the other. In addition to talking about potential problem issues before marriage, it’s also a good idea to know where to seek support if problems arise years into your relationship.

No one wants to be married to a cheat

Regarding marriage deal-breakers, infidelity typically ranks high on most people’s lists for reasons they might file for divorce. If your spouse has committed infidelity, it’s understandable you feel betrayed, perhaps angry, and wanting to sever the ties of your relationship.

We just don’t talk anymore

This is a common complaint of spouses headed for divorce. Perhaps you can relate to those who say they used to stay awake until all hours of the night talking about anything and everything with their partners but rarely have conversations at all anymore. Maybe your schedules don’t coincide, or you have simply grown apart. Either way, not talking to a spouse is often a precursor for divorce.

No more intimacy

If you’re one of many Ohio spouses whose intimate marriage encounters have dwindled down to few and far between, or completely non-existent, you can likely relate to those who say they’d rather divorce than stay in unhappy marriages.

Other issues that often prompt divorce

If you’ve been struggling in a relationship that involves domestic violence, it’s definitely a good idea to seek safe shelter and outside support. Emotional and physical abuse are causal factors in many divorces. Other problem issues include things like financial disagreements, child-related issues, or one spouse feeling as though the other doesn’t appreciate him or her.

Accomplishing your ultimate goals

You might determine that all you and your spouse need to do is to hit the reset button on your relationship. Perhaps, talking to a licensed marriage counselor or trusted friend and confidant would help. Then again, you might determine that your most viable option is to leave the past behind and move on in life without your spouse.

Many Ohio spouses who choose that route rely on experienced legal advocates to help them protect their assets and their children’s best interests as they make plans to build new lifestyles.