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How To Know If Collaborative Divorce Is The Right Option

There are many different circumstances and situations that people in Ohio must go through during their lives. Some of these situations and good and elicit happiness, while others difficult, sad, or upsetting.

One of these more difficult situations that people may go through is a divorce. It is not easy separating one’s life and starting a new one, especially after many years. It can be very emotional yet still involves having to make very important decisions, which is not easy.

There are different ways people can handle their divorce as well. One is that they could litigate the whole divorce and eventually let a judge decide for them. The couple could go to mediation in an attempt to resolve the issues or they could go through the collaborative divorce process.

This is a process where the parties and their attorneys agree to work together to reach a resolution to the divorce as opposed to working as adversaries. Collaborative divorce has benefits, but it is not for every couple.

In order for a collaborative divorce to be effective and worth-while for the couple, they need to be willing to work with each other and compromise. So, if there is abuse or one spouse is afraid of the other, collaborative divorce is probably not the right choice. Both spouses also must be able to face each other without being overcome with emotion.

Also, if one spouse is unable to put themselves in the other’s shoes while attempting to resolve issues, the couple may want to explore other options.

There are many divorces in Ohio each year and each one is unique depending on the circumstances of the marriage. The process couples use to resolve their divorce also varies. People may choose to use the collaborative divorce process, but before doing so, they must first determine if it is the right process for them.

Experienced attorneys, trained in collaborative divorce, understand the pros and cons and are be able to guide one through the process.