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Ohio Divorce Trends that may Surprise You

Every year, there are a number of trends that show up in Ohio family law that leave us as surprised as we are baffled about their existence. This year, those trends happen to be in the less-than-admirable world of divorce. As a situation very few people would choose to have to deal with, divorce can cause tensions to rise and the divorce process to be slow and drawn out, if not completely stall. Still, it’s one of those things many people go through in life, so why not take a look at some of the trends that exist for those who have decided to divorce one another.

The nation’s divorce rate fluctuates every year. The same can be said for the divorce rate of individual states. Some of these divorces go through the traditional process that we think about when we hear about two married people separating; however, it is the non-traditional divorce processes that have been gaining traction over the past two or so decades. A few of the newer Ohio divorce trends include:

Ohio Divorce Trends saw in 2014

Divorce Trend #1: 2 out of 3 Women are Happier After Divorce
This trend comes as a surprise because it used to be where women were essential “the losing party” after a divorce. Huge life and financial changes related to divorce were once burdens on women, however, these new trends suggest that some women tend to find a new sense of character, competence, and citizenship when they separate from their husbands.

Divorce Trend #2: Divorce Rates Fluctuate based on Region
One of the most surprising new trends is the one showing a connection between the likelihood of married couples getting a divorce and the region in which they live. For example, divorce rates are considerably lower in the Central and Eastern regions of the nation than they are on the nation’s West Coast.

Divorce Trend #3: Higher Income reduces Likelihood of Divorce
For this one, the argument can go either way. However, this trend has confirmed the consensus that the more financially-stable a married couple is, the more likely they are to stay married. This is merely one of the factors that are said to be linked to ‘divorce control.’ Among the other factors are things like religious affiliation, the birth of a child after marriage, college education, and age at marriage.

Divorce Trend #4: Ethnicity Influences Divorce Initiation
Accompanying the newest trend we’ve seen in women starting the divorce process is the fact that ethnicity has a part to plan in a woman’s decision to initiate divorce. Statistics suggest that Caucasian women are the most likely to initiate divorce, whereas African American women are least likely to pursue a divorce from their spouse.

Divorce Trend #5: Facebook to Blame
In 2011, a divorce trend surfaced that none of us were prepared for. According to the New York Daily News, 1/3 of all marriage filings contained the word “Facebook.” This trend confirms what many of us may have predicted a few years ago, that Facebook is becoming an increasingly relevant factor in the dissolution of marriages.

Divorce Trends – Laubacher & Co Divorce Lawyers Understand Their Effects on The Process

Regardless of how you twist it, each of these trends still led to the unfortunate course of divorce for many people. If you’re in a position where you’re considering initiating the divorce process, Laubacher & Co is available to help answer your questions about your rights and options during a divorce. Our family law firm employs a qualified team of Cleveland marriage attorneys that know the ins and outs of the divorce process and will see to it that the divorce process is as smooth and equal as possible for you and your significant other. Contact our office today and find out how we can help you plan for your divorce.