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Are Women Benefiting Financially From Divorce?

Worried womanNew studies by a financial consulting firm found that high-income divorced women benefiting financially after divorce. Business Insider cites that 65% of high-income divorcees have benefited financially from separation from their partners. They are also benefiting by gaining financial literacy pertaining to investment processes, some said at levels better than their ex-husbands. The final way they are benefiting is through financial independence. In gaining financial compensation for their divorce and being in charge of these funds, high-income women are financially secure, enough so that they are branching out. Exploration in investment endeavors has proved to be lucrative for these women. However, there is a drastic disparity between high-income divorcees and other divorced women. Recently divorced women are more likely to be found living in poverty conditions. It is actually twice as more likely for recently divorced women to be found in poverty than recently divorced men. High-income divorced women are at an advantage due to the simple fact that they have the means and lifestyle that supports, and encourages financially affluent women.

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Divorce is a lot like a death in the fact that it is the ending of a life. However, divorce and death have something else in common, how expensive they can be. The average divorce in the United States costs $15,000. Many people look to find ways to have a quick and cheap divorce, but spending the money now could save you money later.

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