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Bankrupcy And Divorce | Cleveland divorce attorney

Worried ManA common occurrence in divorce is the payer spouse declares bankruptcy before the receiving spouse receives spousal support. Divorce Magazine describes some warning signs to help avoid this happenstance. Bankruptcy in divorce occurs more in middle-class divorces where the payer spouse is subject to family-owned businesses, downsizing of companies, or having raised real estate net worth. Middle-class families are so vulnerable to bankruptcy in divorce because oftentimes the properties they own have no liquidity so payments are based on the good faith of a company the ex-partner works at. Sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the act of a malicious ex-spouse, but bankruptcy and divorce are highly linked and you should protect yourself from the shock and the setbacks.

Some suggested steps are:

  • Watch out for ‘balloon’ payments, large payments paid out after a month or year after settlement. This can be a trick to give legitimacy to filing bankruptcy.

  • Careful that the receiving spouse is not too eager for a handsome property settlement rather than ongoing support payments with a smaller property settlement. Property settlements and payments can be relieved in filing for bankruptcy.

  • Anything that sounds too good to be true, when liabilities exceed assets is a sign of a planned bankruptcy.

If you think that you are being victimized in your divorce contact a divorce lawyer who knows warning signs of bankruptcy. Contact greater Cleveland divorce attorney Eric Laubacher.

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