Basic process for a collaborative divorce

Many people have disputes with others in Ohio. It could be disagreements between co-workers, children, spouses and other people. In many instances these disputes and arguments can be resolved through discussions and people compromise in order to resolve the dispute. However, sometimes discussions do not resolve the dispute and people may need the help of others to help to resolve them. This is true for many different disputes, including for people going through a divorce.

There are different ways to resolve a divorce. If people cannot reach agreements they can litigate the issues and ultimately have a judge make the decisions for them. However, people can also reach agreements and make all the final decisions themselves. They can do this through discussions, with the help of mediators or the couple could also decide to utilize the collaborative divorce process. This is basically a process where both the attorneys and parties commit to reaching agreements instead of litigation and even sign an agreement that they will not litigate.

Collaborative divorces start by each party meeting with their attorneys to discuss their goals for the divorce. Then the parties and their attorneys generally have a meeting or meetings between just the four of them to discuss settlement. During this portion of the process the parties may also use financial experts, child custody evaluations and other professionals to provide information to help the couple reach agreements. Then once an agreement is reached the attorneys will draft the settlement agreement and submit it to court.

Many people in Ohio go through divorces each year. Each divorce is unique and both the outcomes of the divorce and how the couple reaches their agreements will vary from divorce to divorce. One method people can utilize to resolve their divorce is the collaborative divorce process. This is for couples who are committed to reaching agreements and believe that is the best way to resolve their disputes. This is a specific process though with specific rules and attorneys trained in the collaborative process can guide one through it.

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