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When Can People Modify Child Support Orders In Ohio?

Many parents in Ohio are no longer with the other parent of their children. It could be because the parents are divorced or were never married to the other parent. Despite the fact that the parents are no longer together, the parents still need to raise their children. This includes providing love, support, guidance, and financial support. To ensure that both parents are contributing financially generally, there is a child support order in place ordering one parent to pay child support to the other.

The amount of child support is determined by a number of factors, but one of the main ones is the incomes of the parents. Once child support is set, the parent will be required to pay that amount until the children are emancipated or the parties modify the order. However, parents cannot simply modify the child support order just because they do not like it. Certain requirements must be met first.

First is the child support order cannot be reviewed for at least 36 months after child support was established or last modified subject to certain exceptions. The parent seeking a modification can either seek a modification in court or seek a review by the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

In certain situations, parents may be able to seek a modification prior to 36 months though. These include, but are not limited to, being laid off from work for more than 30 days, a substantial change in income, a change in the costs of healthcare costs for the children, disability, and other circumstances that change a parent’s financial situation.

There are many parents in Ohio who are required to pay child support. These child support orders can be in place for a long time though and circumstances can change during that time. A parent’s income can change and it can become difficult to continue paying the amount they are ordered to pay. Therefore, parents are allowed to seek a modification of the child support order. Experienced attorneys understand the requirements and may be a useful resource.