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1 in 5 Divorces Mention Facebook | Cleveland Divorce Law Firm


According to Channel 5 News, a recent British survey has indicated that one out of five divorce petitions mentions Facebook. Apparently, a large number of people getting divorced blame Facebook in some small way for the end of their marriage. Dr. Scott Bea, a clinical psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, indicated that believes that with social media, people may be putting out more personal information into the world than is appropriate. He says that many people, as they feel the natural consequences of that, will begin to learn limits. As for Facebook and divorces, many people have found that their spouses have had chats and messages online that they found inappropriate. While Facebook itself may not be to blame as such, many people seem to be much less careful about what they say publicly using social media.

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According to the Ohio Department of Health, there were nearly forty thousand divorces in the state of Ohio during 2010, compared to about 66,000 marriages. Nearly 2/3 as many couples ended their marriage as began it that year. For Cuyahoga County, the numbers are about 6,400 marriages to just over 4,000 divorces. The ratio remains pretty consistent with the state as a whole. While the underlying causes for this ration may not be clear, the need for a dedicated Cleveland divorce attorney to handle a legal matter that can be very complicated, and is certainly extremely emotional is very clear.


Regardless of the reason for the end of your marriage, if you are considering seeking a divorce, contact an experienced Cleveland divorce law firm immediately. Like any legal matter, every divorce case is different, and every person’s goals are different. Eric Laubacher at Laubacher & Co can help you assess your situation, taking into account your ideal goals, to help decide a course of action in the dissolution of your marriage. Because divorce is such an emotional process, it is valuable to have someone by your side who can distance him or herself from the relationship and the emotion and help counsel you on how to achieve your goals. For more information and a FREE EVALUATION contact Eric at Laubacher & Co today at (440) 336-8687.