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Signs Children May Be Struggling During A Divorce

Knowing When It’s Time to Help

Divorce is difficult for everyone;¬†however when there are children involved, it can be especially an especially tough process. There are many signs that may indicate a child is struggling with a divorce. If you think that your child may be having a hard time, it is important to seek help immediately. In this blog, we will discuss several signs that may indicate a child is having a hard time with their parent’s divorce.

Acting Out of Character

One sign that a child is struggling with divorce may be if the child starts acting out of character. This behavior can emerge in numerous ways, such as suddenly becoming withdrawn and introverted when the child used to be outgoing. Additionally, this behavior may manifest through aggressive or destructive behavior. If your child is having behavioral problems at school or getting into fights, it could be because they're feeling insecure or unstable at home.

Problems Concentrating

Similarly, another common sign that your child may be struggling with a divorce is if they start having trouble concentrating. For example, if your child experiences a sudden drop in grades, begins daydreaming in class, or has difficulty focusing in class when they did not before the divorce proceeding began. If your child is having issues with concentrating at school, you may want to talk to their teacher and see if they have any suggestions for how to help your child get back on track during this transition period.

Changes in Appetite

A commonly overlooked sign that your child may be struggling with a divorce is a change in their appetite. This could manifest as either eating significantly more or less than usual or even skipping meals altogether. If your child is experiencing any of these changes in appetite, it's important to first speak with their doctor to eliminate the possibility of an underlying medical condition.

Crying More Often

Finally, a sign that your child may be struggling with a divorce is if they cry more frequently. This could be for no apparent reason, or it could be in response to seemingly small things. If you notice that your child is having a hard time coping with the divorce, talk to them and see how they're feeling. It can also be beneficial to seek professional help if you think your child is struggling to cope with the divorce.

Get Help for Your Children

The list presented in this blog is non-exhaustive. As a parent, it’s important to continue to engage in open communication with your child during this period. You know your family better than anyone. Professional help is an option available to families and children alike during a divorce. If you choose to take advantage of it, there is help available in your community for you and your family. You and your children are never alone.

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