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Decisions Couples Should Be Prepared To Decide During A Divorce

Every couple in Ohio goes through struggles from time to time. Sometimes the couple is able to work through their struggles, but other times the struggles become too much to overcome. In those types of situations, the couple may decide to end the marriage and start divorce proceedings. The decision to divorce is oftentimes made based on the personal problems the couple is experiencing and many times couples are not really prepared for the divorce process or know what to expect.

The divorce generally starts with one party serving a summons and petition on the other party and filing it with the court. That starts the process and it will end with a final order. In between the start and end, couples must address very important and sometimes complicated issues. They will need to decide how to divide their assets and property. Couples also need to determine who will be responsible for the marital debt. Spousal support may be an issue as well. Also, couples with minor children will need to make custody and parenting time decisions, as well as decisions regarding child support.

These are not easy decisions and oftentimes the first time the couple really comprehends what it will look like to divide their lives is during the divorce. However, these are decisions that must be made. The couple can reach agreements on all of these issues and may be able to use mediation to help them reach agreements. However, if they are not able to reach agreements on all issues, they will need to present their cases for a judge to decide at a trial.

The general process for divorces in Ohio is similar, but the outcomes of each divorce are unique. That is because every marriage is different and how people lived their lives during the marriage will affect how they live their lives after a divorce.