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Basic Process For Starting A Divorce In Ohio

There are many different reasons that people in Ohio decide to end their marriage. It could be financial reasons, infidelity, abuse, drug or alcohol addictions, the couple simply falls out of love, and many other reasons.

When couples make the decision to file for divorce, there is a process to becoming legally divorced and an order needs to be issued officially terminating the marriage. This process begins with determining whether the couple meets the requirements for starting a divorce.

The couple can either start a no-fault divorce if they have been separated for at least one continuous year or both spouses agree that the couple is no longer compatible. Couples who do not meet these requirements can still start a divorce, but they must allege grounds for a divorce. There are many grounds for a divorce which include, but not limited to, adultery, extreme cruelty, habitual drunkenness, imprisonment, and others.

If the couple meets these requirements, the divorce starts with filing a complaint. This complaint needs to be served on the other spouse. After the complaint has been filed and served there is a six-week period of time when the divorce cannot be granted. While the divorce is pending the couple will gather information regarding finances and other information needed in order to resolve the divorce. There also could be temporary orders issued regarding the finances, child support, custody, and other issues.

The divorce can only end one of two ways though. Either the couple reaches a settlement and submits it to a judge or the couple has a trial. At the trial, a judge will listen to testimony from both parties and make determinations for the couple.

Each Ohio couple must go through the divorce process in order to end it officially. The couple must meet the requirements for starting a divorce and begin making decisions regarding the resolution of the divorce or decide to ultimately leave it up to a judge. Experienced attorneys understand this complicated process and may be able to guide one through it.