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Differences Between Mediation And Collaborative Divorce

There are many difficult parts of a divorce in Ohio. Ending a marriage that both parties may have invested a lot of time and emotion in is difficult. Also, determining when a parent will see their children is never easy. It can also be costly as well.

People are splitting their incomes, homes, and all of the costs associated with those. Then there is also the cost of the divorce process itself. Litigation can involve many court appearances, which also means additional attorney’s fees and other costs.

However, as people may be aware there are alternatives to litigation. One of these options is mediation. Another is the collaborative divorce process. Both these options avoid litigation and involve the party's willingness to compromise and work towards a resolution, but there are differences as well.

If the parties decide to use mediation, they will meet with a mediator who will facilitate the discussion between the parties but cannot give either party any legal advice regarding the decisions they are making.

One of the big differences between mediation and the collaborative divorce process is that in the collaborative divorce process both parties have an attorney with them.

These attorneys sign an agreement that they will not litigate and will work towards a resolution, but they can still provide some legal advice along the way. They will also be the ones negotiating on behalf of the party. Sometimes this can be helpful and comforting for a person who may not want to go through it alone.

Divorce is becoming more and more common in Ohio. However, this does not necessarily mean that the spouses need to go through a lengthy and contentious legal battle by litigating. There are alternatives such as using the collaborative divorce process where the parties and attorneys involved are dedicated to resolving the divorce and not simply trying to get the most they can possibly get. Consulting with an experienced attorney in the collaborative divorce process could be beneficial.