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Jeff Bezos And His Wife Finalize Their Divorce

Most people in Ohio know about Amazon and there is a good chance they have used it to purchase various items. Many may have also heard that the owner of the company, Jeff Bezos, and his wife were going through a divorce. That divorce appears to now be finalized as the couple filed a joint petition for divorce. The parties were able to reach agreements on all issues regarding the property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support, which neither will receive.

This divorce demonstrates that couples do not need to litigate their entire divorce even if it involves large amounts of money. The couple made statements that seem to show that they are still very cordial and plan to continue a friendship as they co-parent their children. Divorces can be very contentious, but they do not need to be as long as the couple is able to work together to achieve results that are in the best interests of their children, and that ensures both will be able to continue to work together as they raise their children.

While most divorces may not go as smoothly as the Bezos’ divorce and most couples may not have very nice things to say about the other spouse, many couples can still reach settlements in their divorce. This may require the use of mediation in which the parties meet with a third-party neutral who helps facilitate negotiations between the parties or other methods, but couples do not need to go to trial. However, even mediation cannot resolve all divorces and if the couple cannot reach agreements a judge will make those decisions for them after a trial.

There are many divorces in Ohio each year and each one is unique. They are unique both in the final terms of the divorce and the path the couple takes to get to the resolution. However, while the outcomes may be unique, all couples must resolve similar issues such as child custody, parenting time, and child support if they have children. They will also have to divide their assets and debts as well as determine if either spouse will receive spousal support. Experienced attorneys understand all of the issues and the potential ways to finalize the divorce and may be able to guide one through it.