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Mediation Can Put You In The Driver’s Seat During Your Divorce

During a divorce, it is natural for you to feel as though your life is out of control. After all, the process can easily feel like an emotional and financial roller coaster.

However, divorce mediation may help you and your spouse to take full control of the process of planning your lives long-term. Here is a look at what mediation involves and how it may benefit you during your marital breakup in Ohio.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process during which you and your future ex can try to resolve a variety of divorce issues. These issues include, for example, property division, spousal support, and even child custody and visitation. A major advantage of choosing mediation is that mediated settlements tend to have a higher rate of compliance since both spouses created an agreement on their own.

Mediation is especially handy for the parents of young children, as they will have to keep making decisions together regarding their children in the years ahead. However, the process used to make decisions during mediation can easily help to facilitate future communications, even between those who do not have children. After all, they may have to revisit issues such as spousal support down the road.

What role will the mediator play?

During mediation, you and your future ex-spouse will work with a neutral third party who has undergone training to help to divorce couples resolve their issues. The mediator will facilitate communication between you both to ensure that both of you have the chance to speak uninterrupted. In addition, the mediator may ask you or the other party to explain or repeat a point as needed.

Your mediator will additionally provide you with relevant information regarding the legal system. Furthermore, you can expect the mediator to describe how judges might view certain issues. If necessary, the mediator may also refer you to a third-party expert, such as an appraiser.

What can you expect from the mediation process?

For starters, you and your future ex will identify the divorce issues you wish to tackle, as well as which issues you would like to talk about first. Then, after your first meeting, both you and the other party will gather data or expert opinions to help you during your future meeting discussions. Before you embark on the mediation process, an attorney can help you to figure out how to approach your divorce issues and guide you in making the most personally favorable decisions possible long-term.