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What Will A Divorce Accomplish For Ohio Residents?

For some people who are experiencing relationship problems with their spouse, divorce is probably the last option they think about. Many couples spend years trying to work out their issues before they finally decide that the best path forward for everyone involved is to pursue a divorce. But, what will a divorce accomplish for Ohio residents?

Well, for starters, a divorce will provide the legal ending of a marriage, which itself is a legal institution. Most people know about many of the benefits that married couples have, such as tax benefits and insurance benefits, as well as the prospect of stability in the home for children. A divorce accomplishes the legal split of the couple, ending the marriage and allowing the ex-spouses to proceed as newly-single individuals.

divorce will also address the property and debt that the couple has accumulated throughout the course of the marriage. But, not all property is “marital property.” Property and debt will need to be categorized appropriately in order to be divided amongst the couple. This part of the divorce is also oftentimes tied to the issue of alimony, which may be ordered for one spouse to pay the other after the divorce is concluded.

Lastly, the divorce proceedings will address the status of any children from the marriage. Child custody and support can be the most contentious issues in a divorce, so resolving these issues will likely be a top priority for most couples in Ohio as the case moves through negotiations, mediation, or the courtroom litigation process.