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The Cleveland Map To A Healthy Marriage

Feeling like the spark in your marriage is slowly dimming? Reinvigorating your marriage isn’t something you and your spouse have to do alone. In fact, the entire city is at your disposal. Learn how the city of Cleveland can help you build a stronger marriage with our Cleveland map to a healthy marriage.

According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, roughly one in ten Ohioans have experienced a divorce. While the odds appear to be in favor of marriage, divorce can still occur. To ensure your marriage remains happy and healthy, you and your spouse should undertake four large commitments.

1) Enhance Your Appearance

Just because you have been married for several years does not mean physical attraction is not important. Look your best and take care of yourself for your significant other. Enhance your wardrobe, get a new haircut, and hit the gym in an effort to look your best.

2) Do Things Together

Spouses in long-term happy marriages regularly do fun and exciting things together. Try to participate in at least one activity that you both enjoy every week. This could be enjoying a show at Playhouse Square or visiting the animals at the Cleveland Zoo. If you have kids, you will want to make sure half of the activities are for you and your spouse only.

3) Do Things You Hate

Sometimes you have to do things you do not like. It is highly unlikely you and your partner are exactly the same and compromise is an essential component in any relationship. Take time to participate in the interests of your partner. Engaging in things your partner loves will mean the world to them.

4) Seek Help

Reaching out to a therapist or marriage counselor is not a sign of weakness. Counselors and therapists understand the trouble your marriage is in and may be able to give you just the advice you need.