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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

When going through a divorce, one of the most important things to understand is that divorce is a process. Despite what some websites advertise, you cannot simply fill out a few online forms and then expect to walk away from your marriage with all of your rights intact. To protect your rights and make sure that you are in a position to provide for yourself and your children after your marriage is over, it is critically important to commit yourself to proactively taking on your divorce

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To do this, you will need the help of an experienced attorney. Ohio’s divorce laws are complicated, and a knowledgeable divorce lawyer will be able to help you protect your rights, avoid mistakes, weigh your options, and minimize the costs involved in finalizing your divorce. But, since divorce is a process, and since you will need to share many intimate personal details with your attorney, you do not want to choose just anyone out of your Google search results.

Before hiring a divorce attorney, there are several questions you should ask to make sure that the attorney is a good fit both personally and professionally. Here are some of the questions we recommend:

Questions to Ask at Your Initial Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

1. How much experience do you have?

Here, you want to hear that the attorney not only has significant legal experience but that he or she has significant experience representing spouses in Ohio divorces. While many lawyers help clients with all types of legal issues, for your divorce, you want someone who has several years of experience specifically dealing with Ohio divorces and related family law matters.

2. What options do I have for getting divorced?

The attorney you choose should be well-versed in: (i) the types of divorces available under Ohio law, (ii) the grounds for filing for divorce, and (iii) the different methods for resolving divorce-related disputes. Generally speaking, you do not want your attorney to be wed to any one option, but rather to be willing to explain your options and help you make an informed decision. This includes your options for no-faultuncontested, and collaborative divorce.

3. How much will my divorce cost?

While no attorney will be able to definitively predict the exact cost of your divorce during your initial consultation, an experienced attorney should be able to discuss the cost factors and provide reasonable estimates given certain circumstances. Except in the simplest of divorces, there are simply too many variables at play to provide an exact cost upfront. This is among the many reasons why divorcing spouses need to be wary of “cheap divorce” promotions online.

4. What should I be doing to prepare for my divorce?

An experienced attorney should also be able to easily provide you with information about what you need to do in order to prepare for your divorce. This includes not only the steps you should take but common mistakes you should avoid as well.

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