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Ohio Grandparents Seek to Adopt Grandsons from Foster Parents

Grandmother and a kid‚Äč

The adoption process typically involves only the child being adopted and the adopting parent or parents. The adoption process, however, can also involve numerous other parties such as stepparents, grandparents, biological parents, government agencies, and any other persons with interests in the child.

Each party has certain rights and responsibilities in the adoption process that prospective adoptive parents should know about. An experienced Ohio adoption attorney can help with the process. A recent story involving Ohio grandparents attempting to adopt their grandchildren highlights the importance of consulting an experienced adoption attorney.

Ohio grandparents try to adopt grandchildren, await custody case ruling

Two Ohio grandparents are in the process of trying to adopt their grandchildren. The foster parents for the grandchildren, however, have also filed a petition to adopt the children. And the grandparents believe that they will be prevented from having contact with children if the foster parents adopt the children.

In 2009, the children were removed from their mother’s custody because of allegations of neglect and abuse and placed with foster parents in Mississippi. Shortly after the children were placed with the foster parents, the foster parents filed an adoption petition. Despite being certified as foster parents in Ohio, the grandparents have been denied contact with their grandchildren.

At the request of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Ohio Children Services completed a relative/foster home study of the grandparents and recommended the children be placed with the grandchildren. The Ohio department, however, can only make a recommendation and the final decision rests with the state of Mississippi officials.

Recently, a hearing was held on the petition to adopt the children. In addition, the children’s father, who was previously in jail and recently released, is also objecting to the foster parent’s petition to adopt the children. While the Mississippi Department of Human Services does give priority to family placements, each case is decided on its own merits.

This case highlights the various, unexpected parties that may be involved with the adoption process: grandparents, foster parents, and two state’s children services. Each party in the adoption process has different rights and responsibilities that can affect the process. A divorce attorney can help one navigate through a complex adoption process.

Contact an Ohio adoption attorney

If you are thinking about going through the adoption process, you should contact an experienced Ohio adoption attorney who can help guide you through the process. The team of adoption attorneys at Laubacher & Co. can counsel you on the rights and responsibilities of the different parties involved in the adoption process.

The adoption process is an important time in your and your family’s life, and we want to help make sure that this process goes smoothly and complies with Ohio’s adoption laws. From a domestic public or private adoption to a foreign adoption to a stepparent adoption, our attorneys have experience with all types of adoptions and can make sure your adoption process goes smoothly. Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation.