Do You Know All Your Options?

Some marriages end in contentious litigation, with the spouses unable to work together to make even the simplest of decisions jointly. With the right counsel, however, your situation does not have to end this way. The experienced attorneys at Laubacher & Co. can help you overcome the natural negative feelings that come with a divorce and provide cost-saving and creative divorce options in Ohio.


Dissolution is sometimes known as "no-fault" divorce. Dissolutions can be used when the parties feel they can enter into the legal process amicably, without major disagreement over issues such as property division or allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. This cost-saving approach is a realistic alternative for many separating couples, particularly because the parties and their attorneys must reach an agreement as to all facets of the parties' separation prior to ever stepping into a courtroom.


Often, separating spouses have legitimate disputes over property and personal issues that require court intervention. In that event, it is critical that you secure experienced, knowledgeable counsel to help you through the litigation process.

Legal Separation

In rare cases, it is in the parties' best interests to remain legally married while "officially" living separate and apart. This is a good option for a select number of divorcing couples.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional dissolution or divorce. Through our affiliation with the Center for Principled Family Advocacy, we are able to assist clients through a guided negotiation process which allows the parties to overcome difficulties in resolving parenting / custody or property issues in a cost effective way.


In an Ohio annulment, the court mandates that the marriage never took place. Unlike a divorce, the annulment cannot be granted unless the reason for the termination falls under one of the qualifying grounds for nullification. These qualifying grounds are the outstanding circumstances used to determine if the marriage was never legally binding, was made under force, was made to commit fraud, or was never consummated.

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