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Getting Through The Collaborative Divorce Process

Many people in Ohio will go through a divorce in their lives. Ending a marriage is not easy, but people have options and the couple does not necessarily need to go through litigation and fight each other on every issue.

One option that couples may have is the collaborative divorce process. The basic process is that the couple and their attorneys sign an agreement to not proceed to litigation and instead will work together to reach agreements for resolution of the divorce. Outside professionals, such as accountants, psychologists, and others, may be brought in to provide information, but the parties will resolve the matter on their own.

Due to the fact that everyone involved agrees to work together instead of litigating, this means that the couple must be in the correct mindset entering into the process. This is not for everyone and both parties must be fully committed to attempting to reach agreements. However, for couples who want to resolve the matter on their own, collaborative divorce has some advantages over litigation. It is generally a cheaper process, it takes less time to resolve and can also be less stressful, especially if there are children involved in the divorce.

Couples in Ohio who are going through divorces have options about how they will resolve the case. The couple can choose a less adversarial approach in the hopes they can resolve all issues on their own. At our law firm, we understand how to guide people through the process. For more information on how we could assist couples in Ohio, please visit the¬†collaborative divorce¬†section of our law firm’s website.