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The Divorce Ohio Rate Is Dropping — Is It Due To “Millennials”?

For years, many lamented the rising number of divorces that ended marriages in America, to the point where most people believed it was “common knowledge” that half of all marriages would end in a divorce. However, that common refrain may not be as accurate as it might have been in years past.

According to a recent report, over the course of an eight-year period from 2008 to 2016, the divorce rate in America declined by 18 percent. That is a significant change in the divorce trends in our country. The recent report, which referenced a study by the University of Maryland, claimed that the decline was due to the fact that many younger people are waiting longer to get married — with the presumption that they are more mature when they do, in fact, decide to, “tie the knot.”

Stability seems to be the key factor when it comes to fewer “millennials” making the decision to get a divorce. The report noted that, by waiting longer to actually get married, millennials have their finances and other important issues in life sorted out, potentially putting less stress on their marriages.

But, despite the declining divorce rate, there are still many people who decide that they will be better off separated from their spouse than remaining in an unhappy relationship. Ohio residents do not make the decision to get a divorce lightly, as it can be just as significant of a life event as getting married in the first place. Anyone who is considering divorce would likely benefit from getting a full understanding of their rights and options under state law in Ohio.