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Can the Right Divorce Attorney Ease the Process?

Hollywood has made millions on divorce horror stories, and so have lawyers. For some lawyers, an ugly divorce is their secret dream, because it is this type of divorce that drags on for years, along with the fees that line their pockets. Most people, however, do not want that experience, or the emotional and financial turmoil that comes with it. Thankfully, it usually doesn’t have to be that way. In order to smooth out the process, persons who are embarking on divorce should have

  • Good working knowledge of what is needed for the divorce,
  • The capability to somehow cooperate and negotiate with their spouse on important issues,
  • An attorney that respects their wish for an amicable divorce.

Knowing What is Needed

Even when there is not a lot of controversy within a specific divorce, there is still a lot involved when it comes to obtaining one. Several different forms need to be filed with the court, and it is a good idea for those who are considering a divorce to look through these both on their own, as well as with an attorney. Just browsing through these forms will help to break down the big picture of the divorce process into smaller pieces so that it becomes less daunting, and an attorney can help you understand what each form is for, and if it is applicable to your case. They can also help to see that the forms are filled out correctly and the right filing procedures are followed, as mistakes can cause frustrating delays.

Negotiating With Your Spouse

Not every divorce winds up going in front of a judge, and overall things are much simpler when they don’t have to. Some couples are able to come to an agreement on many of the issues that come up during the divorce process, but they may disagree on some others. For example, they might agree on their own about who should pay which bill, and how to divide the majority of the assets, yet disagree on how to best divide their time with their children, or what amount is appropriate when it comes to child support or spousal support.

A good family law firm will have attorneys that are ready to respect the decisions you have made on your own, and will also use their resources to help you work with a mediator to help decide the issues, where you don’t see eye to eye on.

This is one area where hiring the right lawyer is critical. The lawyer with the biggest name or the greatest popularity isn’t necessarily the right choice. In one case, a client hired a superstar attorney whose popularity brought her talk show spots and tons of press coverage. Five years later, the client let the lawyer go because their case was not progressing.

Works For You

There are some divorce attorneys that may leave you wondering if they truly have your best interest in mind, or if they are primarily working for themselves. Whether your lawyer is helping you serve divorce papers, or working to untangle a complicated custody pursuit, they should be pursuing your case your way, and keeping you informed along the way. This means having a plan for how to navigate through the case, giving you regular updates on how your case is going, staying available for questioning, and remaining persistent on getting all necessary documents from your spouse. They should do what they can to keep the case as straightforward as possible, while still protecting your rights. They should have the resources to help with mediation, but still possess the will to fight in court, if necessary. At Laubacher & Co, in Cleveland, Ohio, we are committed to doing just that. Contact us for a free consultation.