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Be Wary of Services Promoting Options for “Cheap Divorce”

Divorce can be a stressful and emotional time for you and your family. No one expects or wants to go through the divorce process. Sometimes the divorce process can be drawn out, expensive, and emotionally draining. Given these potential issues with a divorce, many people want to find a quick, cheap option to avoid the trials and tribulations that can be associated with a divorce, especially a contentious one. As one woman recently found out, the quick, cheap option is sometimes too good to be true.

Services Promoting Cheap Divorce Maybe a Scam

A local news outlet in Phoenix investigated a story involving a Phoenix woman looking for a cheap divorce and eventually fall out. Donna Deason had been at a point in her life where she was ready to end her marriage. Similar to many people in this situation, she wanted to move on as quickly as possible and start her life. She told the news outlet, “I just want this over with, you know?”

This desire to move on as quickly, however, may have clouded her judgment when she came across a website called “” The website drew her interest because the price advertised by the site seemed relatively cheap. Deason called the company and confirmed that the price for a divorce proceeding through the company was just $199.

Deason decided to use the company for her divorce because “it seemed convenient.” Deason provided her debit card information to the company over the phone and waited for the next step in the divorce process. The next step, however, never came. Instead of charging Deason the advertised fee of $199, she claims that the company took out $649. And the company allegedly never provided any services. Deason unsuccessfully called the company for a refund.

Deason then called a local news outlet in Phoenix to help her investigate the website promoted as a cheap divorce alternative and to recoup her money. The news outlet contacted the company, A 1 Day Cheap Divorce, and discovered that it also goes by several other names, including and The news outlet further discovered that the company is allegedly associated with a man named Norm Hernick, who has been fined by the Ohio Supreme Court for engaging in the unlawful practice of law.

Deason has said that she has learned an expensive lesson and would not shop online. Instead, she has said that she would make sure to obtain divorce advice “face to face.” She said, “don’t do it online.”

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