Will An Estate Need To Be Probated?

In Ohio, most estates will need to go through the probate process. We understand this is overwhelming when you have recently lost a loved one, so we are prepared to help you throughout the process.

Assets that often need to undergo probate may include real estate, bank and retirement accounts and material belongings.

If your loved one's estate is small, however, it may be able to undergo a simplified probate process. The regular probate process will also be quicker if any assets were passed down through a trust or other means of avoiding the probate process.

How An Attorney Helps

A lawyer can be invaluable in protecting your loved one's last wishes for their estate. At Laubacher & Co., we offer a range of services such as:

  • Upholding terms of the will
  • Resolving probate without a will
  • Guiding the executor
  • Ensuring deadlines are met
  • Assisting with division of assets
  • Resolving disputes such as will contests

Our attorneys are adept at resolving difficult cases. No matter how complex your loved one's estate is or what disputes might arise during probate, we are equipped to handle it. Many estates are settled and distributed smoothly, but we always prepare ahead of time for litigation in case it will be necessary.

Leave Your Worries To Us

While you are grieving, you want someone at your side who can handle stressful legal details for you. We are a firm that makes clients feel supported and worry-free about the issues they are facing.

For a free consultation with an attorney, please call 440-462-1882 or contact us online. We work with families across Rocky River and the Cleveland area.