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Calculating Child Support and Spousal Support in an Ohio Divorce

For most people, addressing the financial implications is one of the most important aspects of their divorce. This is completely understandable. Regardless of how long you have been married, transitioning into a new life on your own is wrought with uncertainties, and the last thing you want is to suddenly find yourself unable to support the lifestyle to which you've grown accustomed and provide for your children.

Retirement Accounts in an Ohio Divorce

How Retirement Accounts are Handled in an Ohio Divorce

As spouses work to address important issues in an Ohio divorce or dissolution agreement, it is important to understand what Ohio law says about retirement accounts. Hiring an attorney can ensure each party is protected under the full extent of the law during the process.

Spousal Support 101: The Basics Under Ohio Law

Under Ohio law, spousal support is defined as any payment to a spouse or former spouse that is both for sustenance and for support. Spousal support does not include property divided or distributed as part of the equitable division of marital property. Courts in Ohio determine how much spousal support should be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Alimony Underreporting Costs the Public $2.3 Billion

In March 2014, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) made a startling-and costly­-discovery. It found that there was a $2.3 billion dollar discrepancy between the amount of alimony deductions made by payers and the amount of income from alimony reported by recipients.

Alimony: It's Not Just for Women Anymore, Men Get Spousal Support Too

When husbands were often the breadwinners and wives were often the homemakers, it made sense that alimony was only awarded to women. But now, with more and more women working outside of the home-and sometimes earning more than their husbands- more and more men are asking for alimony. There are many misconceptions about this topic, so this post will explore what alimony is, how the amount of it is determined, how long alimony lasts, and whether men can receive it.

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