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The divorce Ohio rate is dropping -- is it due to "millennials"?

For years, many lamented the rising number of divorces that ended marriages in America, to the point where most people believed it was "common knowledge" that half of all marriages would end in a divorce. However, that common refrain may not be as accurate as it might have been in years past.

Financial issues that bog down divorce negotiations

Like many couples seeking divorce, you may reject the idea that your breakup must be one of disputes and contention. More options are available to couples than in former years, and many Ohio family courts encourage couples to follow gentler paths to divorce than litigation. If you have children, you may have an added incentive to make your divorce as amicable as possible.

Your Spouse Filed for Divorce. What Now?

Whether you were expecting it or not, being served with divorce papers can be a sobering experience. Once you have been served, the divorce process has formally begun, and there are now deadlines you need to meet and requirements you need to follow in order to avoid negative consequences for the outcome of your divorce.

Collaborating on your divorce could be smart

Even the most amicable of Ohio couples find that divorce is an emotionally challenging and difficult process. While the end of a marriage is never easy, there are ways that a couple can reduce the strain and conflict involved with this process. Some couples are able to meet their divorce objectives and reach a reasonable outcome through collaboration.

25 Questions to Answer About Co-Parenting After Your Divorce

For many divorcing spouses, co-parenting offers a flexible solution that allows both parents to remain actively involved in their children's lives outside of the confines of a traditional custody and visitation schedule. Co-parenting requires commitment, and both parents need to be willing to work together in order to address unexpected issues when they arise.

Spring Break Scheduling After a Divorce

For divorced parents, planning for spring break can present a variety of difficult challenges. Depending on your children's ages, whether you (or your children) want to travel, whether you work full-time, and a variety of other factors, making arrangements that satisfy everyone can seem like a struggle of epic proportions.

Coping with Change After a Divorce

Going through a divorce is a process that involves change in virtually all aspects of your life. Coping with Divorce or Separation, a guide published by the federal government, highlights six types of change most individuals experience following a divorce, and it offers a variety of tips for coping with the psychological effects of the upheaval of a divorce.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to Eliminate Alimony Deduction for Payors

Congress's struggle to reform the nation's tax laws brought a proposal from House Republicans (referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act), which includes a sweeping change that has drastic implications for spouses going through the divorce process. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminates the current federal income tax deduction for alimony payors, and makes alimony payments tax-free for the recipient.

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