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What factors will affect your child custody issue?

In many divorce cases in Ohio, the most important issue for the parties involved is child custody. Some couples are able to work out an agreement on how the issue will be handled, but there are many who simply cannot agree. After all, the parties in a divorce often are not coming from a good place, especially in how they agree or disagree. What factors affect child custody issues?

What do your kids need from you in the middle of a divorce?

Thousands of Ohio residents go through the divorce process each year. Although the circumstances of any given divorce case can vary widely, there are certain issues that will likely be addressed in almost every case: alimony; child custody; child support; property division; and the applicability of prenuptial agreements. However, in the middle of a divorce, which can feel chaotic at times, parents should be focused on one thing above all: the impact of the divorce on their kids.

Spring Break Scheduling After a Divorce

For divorced parents, planning for spring break can present a variety of difficult challenges. Depending on your children's ages, whether you (or your children) want to travel, whether you work full-time, and a variety of other factors, making arrangements that satisfy everyone can seem like a struggle of epic proportions.

Child Custody Guide: What Divorcing Parents Need to Know

Divorces involving minor children inherently raise unique considerations, many (but not all) of which have to do with establishing child support and child custody. While child support determinations are largely directed by the Ohio child support guidelines, there is far less rigidity around the establishment of parents' custody and visitation rights.

Will I Need to Have a Psych Evaluation to Get Custody in My Divorce?

Whether from movies or real life, many people are generally familiar with the concept of a psychological evaluation in custody-related matters. A professional, typically a forensic psychologist who specializes in family-related issues, meets with each parent to determine his or her "fitness" to take primary responsibility for meeting the needs of the couple's children, and then a judge issues a ruling based on the results of the parents' respective psychological evaluations.

Fathers Rights in an Ohio Divorce

Fathers' Rights In Ohio

When determining issues of fathers rights, child custody, child support and visitation, the state of Ohio is concerned primarily with the needs of the child. The court will determine what arrangement will work best for the stability and health of the child. Any decisions on issues of child custody and other matters will follow. As a father, you have the opportunity to present your case in front of the court. The attorneys at Laubacher & Co will help demonstrate that your presence in the life of your child is important and must be protected.

How Much Child Custody Will I Get in My Divorce?

If you are considering a divorce and children are involved, you might be wondering how child custody is divided specifically in Ohio, as it is different in various states. While it was traditional for children to go with their mothers, times have changed. Both parents are now given an equal opportunity to parent their children, as long as the couple can come up with a reasonable parenting plan. If you are not able to come up with an agreement, then both of you are leaving this important decision up to the courts. Agreeing on a parenting plan is the easiest way to determine child custody, visitation and a parenting schedule.

How to Minimize Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

Getting divorced means big changes for everyone in the family, and one of the biggest concerns parents have is how their divorce will effect the kids. Much of the effect on children in a divorce depends on how the parents handle the situation. In order to help everyone involved, Cleveland County requires that parents with minor children complete a four-hour course at the Center for Children and Families, to help them proceed in a healthy way.

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