Collaborating on your divorce could be smart

Even the most amicable of Ohio couples find that divorce is an emotionally challenging and difficult process. While the end of a marriage is never easy, there are ways that a couple can reduce the strain and conflict involved with this process. Some couples are able to meet their divorce objectives and reach a reasonable outcome through collaboration.

Collaborative divorce will not work for every situation, but it could be an appropriate way for you to resolve disputes in a respectful and practical manner. Collaboration is a method of alternate dispute resolution, and it could offer you a better way to divorce. If you want to reduce the amount of hardship and complications in your divorce, you may consider this option.

Why collaborative divorce?

Despite the difficult emotions you may have involving your spouse, there are many reasons why collaboration could be the right way to approach your divorce. Some of the benefits of this process include the following:

  • It costs less than a traditional, litigated divorce.
  • It can lead to more sustainable divorce orders and reduce the chance of future conflict
  • It allows for the informal and respectful exchange of information and negotiations.
  • It can take less time to complete a collaborated divorce.
  • It is a more informal setting, which can make this difficult time of transition easier for you.

You may be wondering if you can engage in collaborative divorce if you and your spouse do not get along. The two parties do not have to like each other or agree on most issues, but they do have to commit to the process. If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can set aside difficult emotions and work together, you can collaborate on your divorce and avoid the courtroom.

Many parents choose this process because it allows them to have more control over the terms of their custody and visitation order. Your family is unique, and you have the right to custom tailor a final solution that works for you and your kids for years to come.

You do not need litigation to divorce

Most people erroneously believe that divorce has to be litigious and acrimonious. In many cases, both parties can resolve to end the marriage peacefully and work together on a final order that allows for a strong post-divorce future.

Before you commit to collaboration or make other important decisions that will affect you for years to come, you may find an evaluation of your case to be helpful and informative.

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