Collaborative Divorce Resources: Ohio

Whether you and your spouse are at odds or you simply want to make sure that you don't overlook any important issues during your divorce, the method known as "collaborative divorce" can be an amicable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for bringing an end to your marriage. Due to its benefits, divorcing spouses in Ohio have been utilizing the collaborative method with increasing frequency.

If you would like to learn whether a collaborative divorce could work for you, we invite you to review our resources on collaborative divorce, linked below. Of course, if you prefer to speak with an attorney, you can always feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Resources for Spouses Considering a Collaborative Divorce

1. What is the Collaborative Divorce Process?

The Ohio legislature passed the Collaborative Family Law Act (the "Act") in 2012, officially recognizing the collaborative method as a means for resolving divorce-related differences in Ohio. Recognizing the method's benefits, the Act's stated purpose is to make it easier and less expensive for couples to get divorced.

In a collaborative divorce, the spouses agree (in writing) not to take their divorce to court. Any differences must be resolved amicably-using cooperation, expert guidance, alternative dispute resolution methods, and the help of attorneys who represent each spouse independently. If the spouses believe they have reached an impasse, in order to go to court, they must each hire new legal representation. With the delays and costs this involves, it will generally be in both parties' best interests to reconsider and stay committed to the collaborative process.

The collaborative method has proven to be effective not only in helping spouses resolve their differences, but in providing several benefits during the process as well. These include:

  • Saving costs as compared to resolving a divorce through litigation;
  • Reducing the time it takes to finalize a divorce; and
  • Limiting the stress placed on spouses and their children during this difficult time.

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2. Collaborative Divorce in Ohio

The key to a collaborative divorce is for all parties (spouses and their attorneys included) to understand that their focus should be on finding resolutions, and not preparing to go to trial. During a collaborative divorce, each spouse works with his or her own attorney independently, and then all four individuals come together when they are ready to discuss resolving the issues involved in the couple's divorce. This includes issues relating to:

  • Property division
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation

If necessary, the couple (with the help of their attorneys) can hire family counselors, accountants, and other professionals to help them better understand their family and financial circumstances, and to gain better insight into each other's points of view. Ultimately, the goal of the process is to help each spouse make informed decisions while working toward finalizing a marital settlement agreement that is satisfactory to both of them.

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3. IACP Provides Resources for Spouses Considering a Collaborative Divorce

Finally, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals' (IACP) website provides a number of helpful resources for spouses considering a collaborative divorce. We have summarized and compiled a list of links to the most useful publicly-available resources from IACP.

Get more information on collaborative divorce: IACP Provides Resources for Spouses Considering a Collaborative Divorce

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Still have more questions about the collaborative divorce process? Click here to read our Collaborative Divorce FAQs.

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