Helping Families Achieve Their Adoption Goals

Adoption can help many different people, including the adoptive parents, stepparents, the child and the biological mother. Each party in an adoption has certain rights and responsibilities, and it is always a good idea for prospective adoptive parents to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that the process goes smoothly and in accordance with Ohio adoption laws.

Types Of Adoption In Cleveland

There are several different types of adoption in Ohio, and an experienced adoption attorney can help you choose the type that is best for your family. These types of adoption are as follows:

Domestic public adoption

In a public adoption, the child in question has been removed from the home of their biological parent due to neglect, abuse or other issues. The children involved in public adoptions may range from newborns to teenagers, may include children with special needs or may consist of groups of siblings adopted together.

Domestic private adoption

In a private adoption, the child is not under state custody. Private adoptions can either involve a direct agreement between the birth mother and the adoptive parents, or may have someone serving as an intermediary between the parties. Most private adoptions tend to involve infants.

Foreign adoption

Foreign adoptions obviously involve adopting a child from a different country. The children involved in foreign adoptions are usually toddlers or older.

Stepparent adoption

When a custodial parent marries someone who is not the biological parent of a child, the new stepparent may adopt the child or children and take over legal and financial responsibilities from the noncustodial parent. This type of adoption generally requires consent from the noncustodial parent, unless that parent has been unjustifiably absent from the child's life or has had parental rights terminated.

Open adoptions

An open adoption involves an agreement between the adoptive and biological parents that allows the child to remain in contact with its biological family. Under Ohio law, a court must approve an open adoption agreement, and the agreement can be discontinued at any time.

How An Attorney Can Help

Ohio adoptions have many legal requirements, including paperwork, home visits and possible payment of costs to the biological mother. An attorney who is familiar with Ohio family law can help make sure all procedures are properly followed, all documents are properly filed, can help you find an agency, can facilitate an adoption in lieu of an agency and can represent you in front of the probate court that will be granting the adoption. Though the adoption process can take some time, an attorney can help you avoid any unnecessary delays or complications and will work to protect your rights in the adoption.

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