Mediation FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about mediation:

Q: What is family law mediation?

A: Mediation helps parties in a dispute resolve their legal issues outside of court. A mediator is a neutral third party who helps and guides the parties to reach an agreement. Family law matters are often extremely contentious. Issues like divorce, child custody and money matters tend to stir up intense emotions. Family law mediation can help make the divorce process a less stressful event. Moreover, it can minimize the hostility and help estranged couples settle their disputes in a more expedient and less expensive manner than fighting in court.

Q: Can I get my divorce through family law mediation?

A: A mediator cannot grant your divorce. You must still file for divorce and appear in court to receive your final orders. However, if you are able to come to an agreement on your divorce issues and terms through mediation, you will be able to seek a noncontested divorce or a dissolution, which will proceed much more quickly than a contested divorce.

Q: What is a collaborative divorce?

A: For couples who are committed to working toward an amicable divorce, even though they may not agree to all the terms at the outset, a collaborative divorce may be a great option. Both parties must pledge to enter negotiations in an open and honest manner. Neither party may threaten the other with court and must come to the table with good faith efforts to negotiate. Each spouse is represented by a collaborative divorce attorney. Each party meets with his/her attorney privately and in joint meetings with all parties. In the joint meetings, the parties will work toward a resolution of any disagreements to arrive at terms that both parties are satisfied with. All parties must agree to resolve their issues without litigations. If negotiations break down, the collaborative divorce lawyers will not represent the spouses in court.

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