Serving Children's Needs During Divorce

For parents, child custody is an emotionally challenging issue that requires careful consideration throughout the divorce process. Our attorneys bring a comprehensive, compassionate approach to helping parents seek custody and protect their financial interests.

When going through a divorce with children, establishing child custody rights (called "allocation of parental rights and responsibilities" in Ohio) and apportioning financial responsibility for children's needs are key issues that must be addressed in conjunction with the division of the spouses' marital assets and liabilities. Under Ohio law, determinations regarding custody and child support are required to be made with the children's best interests in mind, and there are steps that spouses can take before and during their divorce that can significantly affect the outcome of the process.

At Laubacher & Co., our divorce attorneys bring decades of experience to helping parents deal with custody and child support in divorce. We are sensitive to the effects that contested divorces can have on couple's children. As a result, we seek to achieve our clients' goals without unnecessary conflict whenever possible. However, we are also prepared to fight for our clients, and when necessary we do not hesitate to enforce our clients' rights in court.

Child Custody In An Ohio Divorce

In most cases, a joint custody arrangement will be in the best interests of the children involved. The Ohio courts tend to favor "shared parenting," which is similar to joint custody in that both parents spend time with their children, but different in that the parents will not necessarily split parenting time equally. With a shared parenting plan, both spouses are designated as "residential parents," and both retain the right to participate in making important decisions on behalf of their children.

The alternative to shared parenting is sole custody. The Ohio courts will award sole custody in appropriate circumstances, and it is important for parents seeking sole custody to prepare accordingly prior to commencing the divorce process (to the extent possible). The parents' custody arrangement will impact the amount of child support to be paid as well, making it critical for parents to take a comprehensive approach to addressing the child-related and financial aspects of their divorce.

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